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From Pain to Profit

This call will allow Stephens Consulting to find areas of improvement in your product or service that you offer. Most clients find themselves walking away from this session excited and fully aware of the next steps in their business.  We take your product or service and go through each piece of it and consult with you on ways to improve and grow your platform. This session will leave you in a position to win and be equipped with the tools to become UNSTOPPABLE!!!**Links for each session will be sent out approximately 2 hours before your SCHEDULED SESSION BEGINS**


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Business Jumbo Pack

The following services are included in this package.  This package is a six week one on one series.  Each session will be scheduled virtually after our initial session. Identify your Brand Story, legally establish your Business, help to identify your Target Market, Game Plan Six Month Plan of Execution, Healthy Competition Strategies, Guide to Secure High ticket Clients, Create Attractive Content Build Brand Awareness Proven Success Results10 Step Guide to Business Credibility.


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Personal Tax Consultation

Quality Tax Preparation! We provide services specializing in audit assistance, incomes over 60,000 and a host of other credits and deductions that can get you the max back! Book your appointment today get started.


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Ultimate Biz Breakdown

Monthly Business Coaching that won't break the bank


For ONLY $19 a month you can get the following:


  • Bi-monthly live sessions

  • Continuous group support from your peers

  • Access to previous video content

  • Monthly Q&A Session

  • Understanding what it takes to stay in business


The ability to network and interact with other business owners from across the country.


This group has created such an amazing safe space for Entrepreneurs to scale and grow


What are you waiting for???

Upon registration you will receive an email with the link to join the private community. 


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Business Start Up Package

This package is for that business owner that wants to create a legally established business.  During this session we will show each business owner how to setup and establish a growing and profitable business.   This includes local, state, and federal requirements, business credit startup, Branding techniques, and Marketing strategies.

This option can also be utilized for an already established business that needs to scale and grow their business.


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Document Preparation Fee

Select this service for funding documents to be prepared.  This includes the preparation of all documents that are needed to proceed with funding. 


Credit Card

Business Credit Setup

Most find that using their personal credit to fund a business can be overwhelming and frustrating to say the least. Allow our firm to Guide you through the proper steps of setting up your Business Credit and not only setting it up but showing you how to secure credit in your Business name without using your personal information.


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Business Consultation

During this session we will game plan with you, a plan that will be effective to start or grow your business. Often times, business owners are unsure on how to scale and grow their business and become frustrated. This session will eliminate all of that.


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