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About Charmian Stephens

Charmian Stephens, a native of Georgia, Class of 2000 Graduate of LaGrange High School. Charmian continued her education at Georgia Perimeter College in Atlanta, GA majoring in Business Management. Entering corporate America, she knew that this wasn’t her end game, but at the same time she wasn’t fully aware of where it would be. Her husband would always say that’s not what you are supposed to be doing as a career. She would often not understand his response until later in life.


Charmian is a woman of faith and submitted to the voice of God for guidance and direction regarding her career path. God told her to walk away from her job, however she decided not to, and God eventually removed the job from her(terminated). Although very devastated, she pulled the pieces of her life together and decided to dive head first into becoming a Business Owner. Charmian went through a few road bumps but to date, is now an Entrepreneur of five Businesses operated out of the Metro Atlanta and West Georgia areas, under the name of Stephens Premium Business Consultants.


She credits her success to God Almighty and her loving husband that has been the solid foundation in her life. In her spare time, she enjoys serving her community in every way possible. Previously she served on the Board of Directors for a Cancer Foundation that contributes to families financially, physically, and any other way possible while dealing with Terminal Illnesses. Charmian is also the Area Cluster leader that oversees 10 advocates, that help mentor teenagers in youth detention centers which are transitioning back into society.


She was also recently elected as the 40 under 40 Most Influential Business Woman in the Southeast. In her field of enjoyment (Tax Preparation/Business Consulting) and she calls it enjoyment, because when you are doing what you love it can never be called work, she dedicates and pride herself on educating her clients on how to accurately file his or her tax return. Charmian has been labeled by her peers as, “The Ultimate Entrepreneur” because she is known for taking a business and growing it beyond any business owner’s imagination. She’s also the founder of The Annual Ultimate Entrepreneurship Seminar which recently held a sold-out event in LaGrange, GA. She is the CEO, Founder, and Publisher of The Ultimate Entrepreneur Magazine. This Magazine is the gateway to establishing a monthly connection with her followers. Charmian takes pride in being able to show other Entrepreneurs the path to success.

Starting out, she states that she didn’t have a constant person that was guiding her through every step of the way and being a business owner is very difficult without the proper tools and resources. The Ultimate Entrepreneur Magazine will provide just that and so much more. Charmian just recently finished filming her first very own reality series, “The Ultimate Entrepreneur” which aired on FOX54. The show was a mini-series that depicted reality TV in a positive light. Charmian also created the Ultimate Entrepreneur Mentorship Course. This is a course that she created to help young entrepreneurs start their business. This course gives them all the tools and resources needed to be successful. Although she loves what she does, nothing compares to her greatest achievement, which is the Marriage uniting with her loving husband Alvin.


From this union, four beautiful children came about, whom she adores. They are her WHY, her reason for pushing daily. Charmian and her husband Alvin, have a mission to help marriages by showing them that no matter what obstacles come your way, a true marriage can sustain the test of times. We believe in marriage and the unity of it, and because of that, Alvin and Charmian create a series called, “Chatting with Alvin and Charmian Stephens” which is aired weekly on Facebook live and YouTube. This weekly series deals with the challenges of relationships, marriages, dating, and loving yourself while being single. In short, she is an Outgoing, Ambitious, Trail Blazer in her generation that never takes NO for an answer. Her Motto is when she hears “NO” that indicates she needs to find another method to complete the task. If she could leave one piece of information with the readers of this magazine it would be…



“What you do today is not for the moment, but for Generations to come, so make sure to do the very best you can and never settle for anything less”