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Are You Ready for Success? 

Join Me TODAY For A Coaching Experience That Will Change Your Business Forever!

Hello, My name is Charmian Stephens.

God gave me a vision to help driven business owners and take them to their next level of wealth and longevity in the marketplace.
Oftentimes in business, we become so stuck and allow ourselves to procrastinate and derail our destiny, This stops us from reaching the level of success that we have been created to reach.

But not you. Not anymore. Say goodbye to procrastination and confusion and say hello to your next level of growth and acceleration!


Understand this.... When you join The Business Coaching that won't break the bank, you will join an intense program.


Join Coach C and 50 other incredible business owners on the road to SIX FIGURES. 

And I take my assignment to propel you into your future seriously. So get ready to work, show up, and be stretched!

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What to Expect

For SIX WEEKS, you and I will meet weekly to work on and in your business to fine tune your marketing concepts and marketing principles for your business.

We will meet online via zoom and daily in our online community to ensure you have ultimate success.

This program is like nothing else that I've ever done before

What We'll Cover

Ultimate Entrepreneur Success Package 8 Coaching Sessions

6 Group Coaching Sessions

Value: $2,392

Get the attention you need to grow your business. We'll cover everything from pricing your products to helping to create services and programs that will create increased profits.

Ultimate Entrepreneur Success Package 8 Coaching Sessions Learn to Get Business Credit. Picture of a hand holding a dollar si

Blueprint To Get $100K Business Credit

Value: $2,499

This invaluable guide will help you secure the funding you need to grow your business. Get step-by-step instructions on how to get your business the money it needs to succeed

Ultimate Entrepreneur Success Package Biz Growth Plan Picture of a chart

Business Growth Plan

Value: $3,799


With this guide, you'll learn how to go from $0 to profit and stay on track and hit your targets month after month.

Ultimate Entrepreneur Success Package Feature Marketing makeover

Marketing Makeover

Value: $2,999


We'll find out who your target audience is, how to communicate with them, and how to attract them so that your marketing reaches the people who are waiting to be your customer. 

Ultimate Entrepreneur Success Package Feature 10 Step Guide to Business Credibility

10 Step Guide to Business Credibility

Value: $799


Get this perfect guide to help you create a rock-solid foundation for your company and establish yourself as an authority in your field.

Content Creation

Value: $1,999


I'm going to help you craft the right messages for your target audience that will bring them running to your offer. 

Ultimate Entrepreneur Success Package Feature Content Creation
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Say Goodbye to Procrastination

 Now is the time to say goodbye to procrastination.


Click below to sign up for ONLY $349. 

You'll save more than 75% AND set yourself up with a business that is profitable and growing!

AND....we're also allowing you to split your investment in 4 easy payments with SEZZLE.

So what are you waiting on????


See you at the TOP or from the TOP!!!

Choose your best option below!

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