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Let's Work Together

Here is how I help you organize, systemize, and optimize your growth and achieve ultimate success. 

I'm Here To Help

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It can sometimes be hard to figure out what to do next when you are trying to start, build and grow your business.


The coaching packages below are set up to help you do just that. 


Choose the best coaching program for you, and let's work together to take your business to a new level. 

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Business Consultation with charmian stephens

Business Consultation

Our Ultimate Entrepreneur Business Consultation is perfect for entrepreneurs who are ready to grow their business or need help overcoming an obstacle. 

During this session, we will work with you to create a plan that will help you start or grow your business.


As a seasoned business owner & coach, I understand the challenges that entrepreneurs face, and will provide you with the strategies and tools you need to overcome them.

You will leave this session with a clear game plan for moving forward. Finally, you can grow your business without feeling frustrated and alone

VIP Coaching Services with
The Ultimate Entrepreneur

Are you looking to start or expand an existing business, but find yourself unsure of how to do it?


Look no further, because you are in the right place at the right time.

Whether you are searching for business advice or trying to build business credit to help you scale your company; choosing to work with Coach Charmian will be one of the best decisions that you make for your business. 

She will guide you through all the essential steps needed to establish a healthy and thriving business or scale your current business to your next level. 


We'll start from where you are and show you how to structure and restructure your business, brand identity, and marketing strategies.  


Not only will Coach Charmian walk with you as you execute the plans, she will provide you with the tools necessary to see great success.  – this is what sets the Ultimate Entrepreneur apart from all the rest!

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Ultimate Success Package with Charmian and get 8 sessions

Work with Coach C for 4 months and get business building strategies, successful marketing methods, individualized advice, and more for ultimate success.

The Ultimate Success Package


Spend the WHOLE day with Charmian Stephens and leave with a business makeover

Spend a full day with Coach C and leave with a full marketing plan, complete structure setup, 30 days of content, and much more. 

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