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I'm Charmian Stephens, The Ultimate Entrepreneur! I help business owners organize, systematize, and free up space to do the work they truly desire through business consulting!


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 During this session, we will game plan with you a plan that will be effective to start or grow your business.  Often times, business owners are unsure on how to scale and grow their business and become frustrated.  This session will eliminate the guess work and leave you ready to dominate in your business.

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Credit Setup

Most find that using their personal  credit to fund a business can be overwhelming and frustrating to say the least.  Allow our firm to guide you through the proper steps of setting up y our Business Credit and not only setting it up, nut showing you how to secure credit in your business name without using your personal information.

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Start Up

This package is for that business owner that  wants to create a legally established business.  During this session we will show each business owner how to setup and establish a growing and profitable business.   This includes local, state, and federal requirements.  Branding techniques, and Marketing strategies.  This option can also be utilized for an already established business that needs to scale and grow their business.


"Very passionate about what she does and is always willing to help and answer any questions! Would highly recommend."

—  T. Lacy