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Unlock Your Business Dreams with the Ultimate Entrepreneur's Business Credit Setup Package

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Set Up Your Business Credit and Reach New Levels of Growth

Did you know that many small businesses fail because they don't have access to the capital they need to scale their business?


That doesn't need to be your story.


When you sign up for The Ultimate Entrepreneur Business Credit Setup Package, our team will build your business credit (without using your personal credit) and get you access the capital you need to realize your entrepreneurial dreams.


When you partner with The Ultimate Entrepreneur, our team will get you access up to $100K in business credit without using your personal credit.We have over a decade of experience helping entrepreneurs, just like you, to obtain funding for their businesses. 

Business Meeting

Unlock the Potential For Your Business Growth

Our team of experienced professionals will design a plan to set up and optimize your business credit.


We’ll assess your current situation and develop and execute the 16 foundational steps to establishing a strong credit foundation.


When you partner with The Ultimate Entrepreneur, you can rest assured that your business’s credit will be handled with the utmost care and precision.

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I'm Charmian Stephens


I'm the owner of Stephens Premium Consulting, business coach, mentor, key note speaker and founder of the Annual Ultimate Entrepreneurship Seminar, with over 10 years of experience in helping business owners to reach their goals.


I was recently honored with the 2022 Business Coach Award from the Real Money Talk Women Virtual Summit and have been named among the 40 Most Influential Business Women in the Southeast.


As a business strategist and marketing expert, I've helped hundreds of business owners to increase their sales, secure business credit, and expand their audience by setting up systems, and understanding how to properly operate their companies.


Over time, I've found that many entrepreneurs can't get past a certain level of success because they don't have the confidence, systems, and guidance to achieve and maintain their CEO level success.

That's where my Ultimate Mentorship Program comes in. As your mentor, I'm ready to help you get the confidence & skills you need to operate from a place of success instead of fear.  

Let's work together. 

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Credit Card

Why Should You Sign Up For Our Business Credit Setup Package?

When you take advantage of The Ultimate Entrepreneur's Business Credit Setup services, you'll be able to enjoy the many benefits that come with establishing your business credit.


With our help, you can:

• Open New Doors and Expand Your Opportunity for Financing

• Access Low-Interest Credit Lines

• Establish a Strong Credit History for Your Business

• Enjoy Flexible Payment Options

• Receive Unsecured Lines of Credit

• Take Advantage Of Tax Benefits

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See What Clients Have to Say About



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Imagine This....

You just received a HUGE order that will triple your sales, but you don't have the equipment or staff on hand to fulfill the request.......

BUT.....You realize that you NOW HAVE ACCESS TO $100K in business credit so your sales are now through the roof!!

Now, let's make this scenario a reality! 

Don't wait!


Sign up for the Business Credit Setup Package and allow my team and I to structure your business credit and create a solid foundation that will last and unlock your entrerepreneurial dreams! 

Let's partner for your future success!

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