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Black Friday Marketing on Steroids


Get the recording of the Black Friday Marketing on Steroids Course AND access to the Black Friday Marketing Support Group so that you can get your questions answered. 


This is a comprehensive three-hour training to prepare you to increase your sales on black Friday.

Included in this training will be the following:

45-day content guide (Marketing Messaging)

All systems are needed to execute the strategy.

Six modules full of how to make your product or service attractive to buyers.

Rebuttals for buyers that are on the fence.

How to understand your KPI'S and Metrics

Pricing guide to ensure your profit.

You will also learn how to:

  • Rebuttal the No’s/How to make your pricing attractive and profitable!
  • Checklist on what you should be doing every day.
  • Finding Pain Points
  • Packaging
  • Systems that work.


Who is this training for?

  1. Business owners that at least have an idea of what business model they’d like to start.
  2. The business owner has had difficulty generating sales.
  3. Have a product that needs revamping.

If you are not a hard worker or think this training is a done for you that requires no effort from you, this isn’t for you!


You'll get The Ultimate Black Friday Success Planner that includes:

  • A 45 Day Content Guid to tell you what to post.
  • A 30-day guide on how to get your audience to love you and building that KLT Factor.
  • A 30 day guide that lets you know what to do every day leading up to Black Friday.



Digital Replay: Ultimate Black Friday Marketing Training on Steroids

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