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Speaking at your event is a great privilege. I’m super excited to partner with you to make your next event absolutely amazing and I’ve included my speaker rider to ensure that we all have the same expectations and boundaries concerning my engagement and participation. 

I am so grateful for every speaking engagement and am looking forward to being a part of your event.

My Story

I started out in the corporate world, but over time, I found that I was in the wrong career. As a woman of faith, I submitted to the voice of God and dove head first into full time entrepreneurship.


Yes, I hit a few bumps in the road, but I learned the right strategies, methods and mindset to become a successful owner of 5 businesses. To date, I have over 10 years of experience in building businesses, and am committed to helping others become successful as they pursue their dreams to become business owners or accelerate their professional careers.


As a marketing & entrepreneurship expert, a wife and a mother, I understand how to manage your growth while showing up well for your family. 


Over the course of my years in business, I have faced my share of unexpected life trauma, and am honored to be able to help encourage other to overcome their struggles. 


I have devoted my life to helping others to gain success in their lives. 

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In Person Events

🛩️/🚋 Travel Expenses Covered

  • Airfare and local transportation to the conference & lodging (unless lodging is within walking distance)

  • To prevent incidents such as airline delays and the like, Charmian prefers to arrive
    the night before she is set to speak. If it’s a long flight (i.e., more than 4 hours) and a significant change in time zone, travelling a few days before on business class is a must. This is to the benefit of the event, so that Charmian won’t be jet lagged and will have more energy for her session.

  • Prior to her talk, Charmian would be open to meeting with executives of the event.

🏨 Lodging Expenses Covered

  • U.S. conferences: For full length of conference that Charmian is expected or invited to attend or engage.

  • International conferences (outside of U.S.):

    • One (1) full day of lodging before the conference

    • Plus, the length of conference/workshops that Charmian is expected to speak or attend

    • Plus, the evening that Charmian speaks.

  • Leave conference credit card on file for the hotel.

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Remote Events


  • For live sessions, ensuring we have some sort of back-up plan and run-of-show prior with internet speed tests, tech check, etc.

  • Generally, Charmian is open to pre-record remote conferences (particularly those in very different time zones). As she cannot guarantee internet stability and doesn’t want to compromise conference quality.

  • Question and answer sessions need to be moderated by someone trained on your code of conduct with strict no harassment and trolling policies.

Chat spaces

  • Chat spaces must have conference moderators who are trained to follow your Code of Conduct.

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💰 Speaker Honorarium

  • Local Speaking Engagements (within 90 miles of Atlanta): Charmian asks for 2,500- 5,000 USD depending on ticket costs and conference accessibility and value.

  • National & International Engagements: Charmian asks for 5,000-10,000USD depending on ticket costs and conference accessibility and value.

    • Please let Charmian know if the event is for a not-for-profit/community conference where tickets are free/very low-priced.

  • For Internal/Private Speaking Events: Charmian asks for 2,500-10,000USD depending on audience size, how her recorded talk will be used/distributed (private v. public), revenue/philanthropy of your company, the length and nature of the engagement (Q&A, talk + Q&A, workshop, etc).

🎟 Ticket to Full Conference

  • Ticket to the full conference should be included in our agreement.

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